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Twelve red hot tracks. These are some of my favorite sessions from the "Pickin' On..." series. Great players: Tom Ball, Gabe Witcher, Jay Dee Maness. Many more. We had a blast putting this album together! Definitely one to check out!


Just out! Recorded live at Santa Barbara's historic Lobero Theatre, Peter and David perform for the venerable "Sings Like Hell" concert series.  Also contains some new studio material recorded at Studio Z.  A "must have" for any Moby Grape fans!

x     Recorded live in Germany. David West backs up legendary Moby Grape singer/songwriter Peter Lewis. Great songs and stories from one of "San Francisco Rock's" most creative survivors.
x     Also just released! Cool solo guitar "sketches" from Ireland, Hawaii, the Swing Era, the Summer of Love and David's mind. Proceeds support The Santa Barbara History Consortium.
x     A new album of original songs and rare gems. Great perfomances by some incredible guests: John McFee, Jay Dee Maness, Chris Hillman, Byron Berline many more.
x     An old album of original songs and rare gems. Musically quite diverse. Many N. American regional styles featuring some great guest musicians.

The band of my youth. I traveled all over the country with these guys from the early 70's until the early 80's. This album was a bit of a reunion. The title track (originally by "Cream") rocks! Original songs and some very interesting covers.


The European release of the White Room album. More elaborate booklet and liner notes.

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