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Chris Hillman and Fuzzy Samuel recording at Studio "Z"

Much thought has gone into our choice of recording platform and the ancillary gear i.e., microphones, pre-amps, wordclock and analog to digital (A/D) conversion. A partial equipment list includes:

  • Computers (3) by Macintosh. A new Mac Pro Quad for recording and general use, a G-5 and a G-4 for extraneous tasks.

  • DAW: Pro-tools 9 series, with third party wordclock and converters.

  • High-end microphone pre-amps by Neve, Forssell, Innertube, Drawmer, Mackie onyx, and more.

  • Microphones include Neumann U-67; Neumann KM 184s; AKG 414s, 451s; Sennheiser 421s; Audio Technica 4033s, 2020s; Rode NT-2; ADH A-47; Sony C-500s plus many extras: Octava; Shure 57s, 58s, Beta 98s; Nakamichi etc.

We also have a Lyon and Healy 5'2" baby grand piano. A Yamaha weighted-key midi controller and several popular and comprehensive sample libraries including Ivory 2, Xpand 2 and many more.


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