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"Pickin' On" Discography

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Some great jams on some great Gov't Mule songs! Power Grass mixed with some beautiful ballads. David's guests include the usual Pickin' On suspects. Tom Ball, Buster Saticoy, Lorenzo Martinez, more!


You may want to buy this one for its provocative cover, but the bluegrass inspired treatment of John Mayer's great music is no less provocative. Featuring Tom Ball, Gabe Witcher, Lorenzo Martinez and David West. Rocks!


Play Ball!'s best selling tribute to the Dead features great songs, performances, musicians. Endorsed and even sold by the Grateful Dead through thier marketing outlets. Captures the vibe! European release on Taxim.


Like Vol. 1 only more so!


Blues Traveler's music lost none of its urgency in its transformation to bluegrass. Hot solos by Tom Ball on (blues) harp, Gabe Witcher on fiddle and many top players.


The Byrds music proved to be custom made for the "Pickin' On" treatment! Look for some HOT steel playing by one of the best; Jay Dee Maness (who also played on some of the Byrds original versions!).


Strange but true! Beautiful versions featuring guitars, mandolins, banjos, steel and fiddle.


HOT, HOT, HOT! Tom Ball, Richard Greene, Jay Dee Maness, Byron Berline and many more. HOT!


Hard to imagine? Check it out, it works! Complex bluegrass arrangements with percussion.


If you like Pink Floyd or even if you don't, this album will pin you against THE WALL! Great players, famous songs from P.F.'s long history.


Another group whose music is a perfect vehicle for bluegrass/country treatment.


Like Vol. 1 only more so!


Vol. 1 and 2 together! Such a deal!


American release of Pickin' on Neil Young. 17 songs!


This is the European release of Pickin' on Neil Young. The Euro releases have more elaborate graphics. Usually an extensive booklet with photos/bios of the musicians and liner notes by David West.


You guessed it! Bluegrass/Americana versions, but this time bringing in some new sonic variations with hammered dulcimer and cello!


This is a very beautiful album by virtue of the great material. From the ridiculous (Gloria) to the sublime (Tupelo Honey), from ripping (Brown Eyed Girl) to etherial (Sweet Thing), its all here. Great Gabe Witcher fiddling, Tom Ball on harmonica.


A more Garcia-centric variation of the Pickin' on the Dead series. This one features the always spectacular Albert Lee, the great steel playing of John McFee and usual harmonica genius of Tom Ball.


They said it couldn't be done! Killer arrangements of Foreplay/Long Time, Don't Look Back, More Than a Feeling and all the big hits!


Billboard magazine wrote about this album and they loved it! This version of Born to Run was frequently heard on National Public Radio during the presidential campaign of 2000.

  We couldn't get enough of "The Boss." This one is even cooler than Vol. 1! A lot of really hot guitar, if you like that sort of thing!

Vintage guitar magazine wrote; "You'll forget all about Robert Johnson and Eric Clapton when you hear the guitar solo on Crossroad Blues." Guests include Dennis Caplinger and Byron Berline.


It was really a pleasure converting these songs to bluegrass. In my humble opinion, they lost none of their emotional content, thanks to some fabulous playing by Gabe Witcher on fiddle, Tom Corbett on mandolin and more.


A slightly different approach for this one. Each song is done in a different N. American regional style. For instance; Jambolaya is in a Cajun style, Take These Chains is in a Tex-Mex style, etc. Interesting stuff!


A collection of hot "Pickin' on" performances featuring many great banjo practitioners.


Same idea as "Fire on the Banjo," different songs.


All your favorite S&G songs bluegrass style!


Pinball Wizard, My Generation, all the great WHO favorites done up in blazing bluegrass!


We're takin' it to the backroads for this tribute to the Doobies. It even has a guest appearence by long time Doobie bassist Tyran Porter! Of course Doobie Brother John McFee has guested on other "Pickin' On" CDs.


If its jamming you want, look no further. Great versions of S.T.I. tunes bluegrass style.


Some red hot Phish jams! It was really a blast doing this one. Weekapaug Groove and Maze both will blow you away!


Allstar lineup featuring J.D. Maness (steel), Richard Greene (fiddle), Tom Ball (harmonica), Tom Corbett (mandolin), Al diMarco (Piano) and many more. Really a great album!


Captain Fantastic in overalls and granny glasses? Maybe you should check this out!


Very interesting versions of some very interesting music! Features Tom Ball, Gabe Witcher, more!


Killer, Killer, Killer versions of your favorite Led Zeppelin stuff! "Whole Lotta Love," "Gallows Pole," plenty more. Featuring the usual "Pickin' on" suspects.


The great honky tonk music of Alan Jackson, plus bluegrass instruments, plus great playing equals a great new Pickin' On CD! Features Tom Ball on harp and check out new fiddle sensation Buster Saticoy!


Magical music that reflects the spirit of the season with the enchanting sounds of hammered dulcimer, harmonium, and mandolin, along with guitar, fiddle, and banjo.

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